Yup, it's another home page... It was originally only meant as a placeholder for experimenting with webby stuff, but it seems to have grown to a platform for publishing articles and waffles and generally replacing all those bits of notes and things I carry about. Still, it's my home so don't blame me if you can't find anything interesting here.


Grew up in South Africa and Bedfordshire, UK. Besotted by computers since Dad brought home a VIC 20 when I was 13. At Uni I was diverted by too many interesting things (OTC, history, economics, computers, fledgling internet) and scraped only an ordinary degree in Astrophysics from Edinburgh. Three years working in Bedfordshire for Dad's small software house getting to grips with a great variety of businesses. Went for a holiday in Kenya and had to go back and stay for three years - tried to drive there. Returned in 1997 and joined Logica to work on Spacecraft Control Systems, great stuff even when you realise spacecraft are really really stupid. As a TA bod was mobilised for Gulf War Part II and spent three months in Iraq with JNBCR attached to 16 Road Assault. Spent some excellent years working on the Virtual Observatory, a step to building a 'world wide telescope', providing cosmologists, astronomers, astro- planetary- solar- physicist, etc uniform access to data across the world. And some more on collaborations in the even more difficult front-line military environments

I expect I ought to have a sensible photo of me here in public, but these are just so much more fun:


Preparing to join the army

Growing a longer chin

Citrus Club, dancing

At Work with GD...

...and the Russians


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