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Broad range of technical skills established by providing software and consultancy to a wide variety of organisations.

Plenty of business driver experience from leading teams, delivering projects to time and budget, winning bids and negotiating contracts.

Keen to get to grips with technically 'challenging' projects.

Skills Summary

Full life-cycle software development from formal requirements gathering and management through design, development and formal acceptance testing to support, technical & user documentation and change tracking. Environments include fast rapid-turnaround projects for demonstrators and rigorous mission-critical projects for spacecraft and military equipment.

Design and architecture roles from office-automation systems and camel-management through design authority for new satellite control systems to consulting architect for the teeth end of federated military information systems

Project Management and semi-independent Team Leader roles in a variety of projects from mission-critical to research & development, with the usual effort tracking, risk assessment and monitoring, quality control, acceptance testing, etc. Therefore skills to engage sympathetically with project and programme managers when developing, designing and architecting.

Wide variety of programming techniques, languages, algorithms, networks, operating systems, dynamic data structures and applications, applied to a number of business and technical solutions:

Languages: Java/Swing/Eclipse/XML (10+ yrs), javascript/php (2 yrs), C++ (2 yrs), C/FORTRAN 77 (3 yrs), Borland Pascal (6+ yrs), BASIC (4+ yrs), HTML (6 yrs), SQL-Server (2 yrs), some COBOL, 16/32 bit assembler, 8-bit m/code.

Domains: Military (DOORS, MODAF, Enterprise Architect), Satellite Control Systems, Office Automation, Academic Research 

Techniques: Service Oriented Architectures for both web-based grid service collaborations and tactical 'disadvantaged network' environments (10 yrs). Object Oriented Design & Implementation (15+ yrs), using various Design Patterns (9+ yrs) and UML. Event-driven architectures including multi-threaded Swing displays. Jackson's Structured Programming. Multi-threaded, mission critical applications, and multi-user databases.

Platforms Developed for: PC (DOS, Windows 3.1-NT, OS/2), VAX/Alpha (Open VMS v7, Motif/X-Windows), Unix (Suse/Mandrake Linux), Java.

Networks: TCP/IP, 'Web Services', RS-232/X-25, Ethernet

Major Achievements

'Enterprise' tactical network integration: Brought inflexible and unfamiliar tactical networks into policy-based 'Service Oriented Architecture' distributed management models. Corrected disastrous assumptions made by the wider team.

Successfully delivered two 'difficult' projects as Project Manager: an underbid alarm station for satellite control centers, and a (£400k) prototype port of a complete satellite control system between operating systems.

Design Authority for JUICE, an innovative Java/Swing user interface that enabled satellite operators to build their own monitoring displays.

Career Summary

Research & Consultancy leading to a PhD at Cranfield DISE (Defence Academy UK) in architectures, approaches and practices for distributed federated collaborations across poor infrastructures. more...

Principal Systems Engineer (SC-cleared) for the R&D departments of General Dynamics UK Ltd (Aug 2006 - March 2010), delivering tactical C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Information) network concepts and feasibility studies, including assessments of Service Oriented Architecture tools and principles in the tactical environment. Integration Lead for two UK R&D-wide integration demonstrations. Brought £500k on contract and won £120k of work in 2009. more...

Senior Analyst/Developer for AstroGrid and VOTech at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh (Aug 2002 – Dec 2005). Developed a distributed service oriented grid architecture to combine both legacy and new astronomical data and applications across the globe. Many unusual and interesting problems in both cutting-edge grid technology and astrophysics. Distributed teams required various collaborative tools. Java-based web/grid services. more...

Mobilised to serve with the Joint Nuclear Biological Chemical Regiment (early 2003) attached to 16 Air Assault in Iraq on Op Telic. more...

Senior Consultant, Project Manager and Design Authority with Logica's Space Division (Jan 1998-July 2002), including senior roles in supporting and developing the mission critical control software of one of Europe's largest satellite operators. Involved in all aspects of the development process, including plenty of valued client contact. more...

Freelance consultant/developer in Kenya (1994-97) for a variety of PC-based bespoke applications using object-oriented Borland Pascal. Full life-cycle projects included camel breeding records, tea transport and the East Africa Safari Rally. more...

Consultant/Developer for Small Business Solutions (1991-94), providing custom PC solutions for small businesses (most full project lifecycles). Developed Kameleon, an object-oriented information management framework. more...

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