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Martin Hill
15th July 1969
South Wales


+44 (0)7901 55 24 66

Willing, single, British, home owner

This is a full history CV; brief summaries are available here

PhD Student & Consultant (Current)
Cranfield University, Defence Academy (BV Cleared)

Continuing work to understanding how we can improve collaborations across poor infrastructures, such as in direct support of the fighting soldier. Outputs include additions and changes to training for both military and military support organisations.

First introductory paper published to ECIME 2010: Life & Death Decisions using Sparse Unreliable Evidence. Other papers listed here: Academic Publications.

Principal Systems Engineer (Sep 2006 - March 2010)
General Dynamics UK Ltd: C4I R&D (Security Cleared)

Led team of four developing tactical network system concepts and prototypes for sharing understanding on the battlefield; supporting human decision makers with suitable information systems, fusion concepts, sensors and networks. Led integration for two R&D-wide demonstrators, showing capability to senior MOD staff

As part of a consortium, developed enterprise-level concepts and an experimental test bed to integrate tactical C4I systems across forces, militaries and to civilian organisations. Necessarily a 'federation of architectures' approach, combining Service Oriented Architecture web tools and concepts with highly distributed governance and the constraints of the operating tactical environment. Papers and presentations (including two at the Defence Academy) on collaboration topics such as operations pictures in modern conflict, using doctrine to enable agility, and feedback mechanisms for equipment updates.

Completed commercial and financial negotiations for £500k project, and successfully bid for £120k work over last 8 months

Senior Analyst/Developer (Aug 2002 - Dec 2005)
Royal Observatory Edinburgh: AstroGrid & VO-Tech

The ultimate geeky job: developing a globally distributed web service grid to combine both legacy and new astronomical applications and data into a 'Virtual Observatory'. Typical architect tasks; defining and designing large scale message-based transaction services, including message definitions, data exchange standards, performance analysis, failover mechanisms, versioning, deployment dependencies, preserving compatibility over time, etc. In the last year also investigated visualisation & data mining techniques for applying to the Virtual Observatory.

The diverse disciplines within the astronomy community, along with some very difficult technical problems in associating and meaningfully combining data, makes this unusually interesting. Experience of and skills in deploying distributed systems are rare in the astronomy community. Many standards do not exist, and those that do are being developed by astronomer committees, yet we still succeeded in building a working distributed set of applications and datasets, tied into a 'grid' by registries and workflows.

Team Leader for the main development phase for publishing datasets. Design Authority for the 'Publishers AstroGrid Library', a codeset to help data owners publish their data to the Virtual Observatory. Contributed to setting international interoperation standards, mostly for data and metadata representation and querying. Planned and deployed real-world datacenters to ROE, European Southern Observatory, Leicester, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

Java used to create web services, XML & SOAP for messaging and metadata, XSLT, Relational databases (eg SQL Server) accessed through JDBC, bespoke data formats, collaborative tools (Wikki, forums, CVS, BugZilla, etc), Grid concepts and recently wrote multi-threaded user interface applications using Java/Swing.

Trooper  (Jan - April 2003)
British Army: Westminster Dragoons, Iraq

As a TA soldier, mobilised to serve with the Joint Nuclear Biological Chemical Regiment in Iraq as part of Op Telic (early 2003). Maintained mobile radio hub (3 nets) for the Westminster Dragoons detached to 16 Air Assault; kept the hub fully operational during the warfighting phase. Later kept peace, caught looters, gaurded people & things. Took part in night patrols and car chases. Successfully didn't get shot.

Senior Analyst/Developer, April 2001 - July 2002
Logica: Space & Defence Division, London (Security Cleared)

Designed proposed public interface for the Galileo satellite navigation, including safety critical aspects for search & rescue, as well as scientific data and service analysis.

Technical ‘trouble shooter’ on battlespace visualiser and logistics support prototypes for DSEI show, demonstrating wireless information systems for ground troops. Acted as ‘technical integrater’, locating and resolving problems. These were written as Java Swing and C++ clients through java servlet web services to Access databases using JDBC.

Bid Manager on proposal for Launch & Early Orbit Phase control centre (eLEOP). Bid Manager on pre-bid study for ESA GOCE (Gravity field & Ocean Circulation Explorer). Technical Consultant on EUTELSAT (largest European satellite operator) database replacement study.

Project Manager, 'eVOLUTION' Project, July 2000 - March 2001
Logica: Space Division, London

Satellite Control Centre (SCC) software porting

Managed this £400K 14-man project to analyse and prototype the full port of EUTELSAT's SCC software (see below) from VMS-based code to an ‘open systems’ application that could be used on other platforms. The project had a 'challenging' timescale and was delivered (largely!) to the customer’s satisfaction. Carried out most technical and quality management, client contact and reported directly to the divisional management team.

Also Design Authority for the Java/Swing telemetry monitoring application (JUICE), for providing real-time displays to monitor satellite status. Led a sub-team of 4 with procedural backgrounds. The application had to be very reliable and multithreaded to process multiple telemetry streams. It included a GUI builder so displays could be built by users (I wrote the GUI-Builder and SAX/XML bean loader), with a plug-in interface protocol to handle different server APIs and satellite missions.

Senior Consultant, EUTELSAT Project, 1998-2000
Logica: Space Division, London

This long-running Logica project built and maintains the European Telecommunication Satellite’s (EUTELSAT) Control Centre software and some support systems.EUTELSAT operates 16 satellites of 4 missions, and continuously add new missions. Roles included:

  • Investigated evolving SCC software into a modern, portable, flexible, COTS product.Compared various technologies (language, comms, design tools, etc), and studied several spacecraft command & control designs. Produced in-depth technical study & design on object-oriented telecommanding and uplinking (STUF).
  • Wrote several proposals, including one to modify the orbital operations subsystem for a new mission (Eurostar 2000+), and a costed design for a packet-based telemetry processor for the same satellite.
  • Led development team of three (incl) for object-oriented ground station alarm facility - semi-RAD, real-time, multi-threaded C++ on NT. As a ground station equipment monitor it has to be extremely reliable. Despite being underbid and encountering problems with Windows NT's multitasking, we brought the project in on time, to budget, and to the customer's satisfaction.
  • Various development and ‘anomaly’ fixing roles as part of the support team, working in C and FORTRAN on Open VMS. Y2k testing of Türksat SCC software in Ankara, Turkey, gaining familiarity with full satellite operations including orbital operations.
  • On-site support, locating and fixing problems at both backup & live operational systems

Managing Director, Freelance Consultant, Oct 1995-97
Special Business Software (Kiambu, Kenya)

Specialist Software Consultancy & Development (Kenya)

Set up and managed this business with the aim of filling part of the high demand for quality computer systems in this third world country. It consisted of consultancy to various businesses, configuration & system integration, training, and some complete system developments from requirements analysis, design, development, testing and training to support, including the following:

  • Safari Rally Ltd – rally timings system for international car rally event. Live real time system requiring ‘immediate’ feedback via press-room terminals to international press.
  • Ol Maisor Ranch – Camel Breeding, designed & developed a livestock recording system, including lineage details for breed analysis, medical & weight histories, a user-programmable reporting module, etc.
  • Kilimanjaro Water Ltd – Invoicing, customer records and simple stock tracking
  • Rongai Workshops – Bulk Transport, tracking container cargos & vehicles, driver, trip analysis, etc. Included from-scratch networked installation & training for computer-illiterate staff.  

The objective was to create a computer consultancy company that would be self-sustaining after my departure. Unfortunately, with the economic and political situation it was slow and difficult to expand, and I felt I would be better applying my skills in the UK.


Project Manager, Charity startup, Jan - Oct 1995
The DEPOT, Box 720, Kiambu, Kenya

Teambuilding & Leadership training centre (Kenya)

Employed to set up this Rotary charity dedicated to training young adults from all walks of life, from street-children to private school pupils, in self awareness, leadership, teamwork and creativity. When started, it had one employee, little equipment or capital, no course-work, an empty office and no transport.

Within nine months the office was equipped with (working) telephone and computers, there was transport both for the office and expeditions, direct access to funds, three trained instructors, office staff, resources to run two courses simultaneously, two expeditions to draw on as experience and eight paying courses booked for the last quarter, very close to our break-even target. Took part in much of the training, organised both expeditions and oversaw the last one, a 40-strong camel trek in Laikipia, north-mid Kenya.

UK - Kenya Overland, Oct-Nov 94
E Europe, Turkey, Syria, Jordan

Organised and oversaw the training & preparation for this two-man trip to Kenya. Abandoned when my co-driver crashed (and wrote-off) the Land Rover in southern Jordan. Oops.

'Kameleon' Developer, Turnkey Solution Consultant, Sep 91 - Dec 94
Small Business Solutions, Nares Gladley Farm, Leighton Buzzard, UK

Computer consultancy to small businesses (UK)

‘Kameleon’ is an office-automation/information system for small businesses, including contact details & histories, letter-writing, invoicing & overdue-account tracking, and options to add specialist modules.

  • Fully persistant relational object database (not RDBMS/table-mapped), including list and tree indexes.
  • Written in Borland Pascal v7 using the event-driven Turbo Vision library
  • Core approx 100k lines; specialist modules 300-400k
  • Sole designer & programmer.
  • Created most publicity material, incl company newsletters (Won WordPerfect Magazine's "Newsletter of the Year", 1994)
  • Carried out most installations and one-one customer training.

Sundry computer support and consultancy for local small businesses, including network installation & configuration (LANtastic, Novel LAN v4, Sage Mainlan, OS/2 Warp connect) .

London-Cairo Overland, Aug-Sep 92
Europe, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, etc

‘Practice’ 5-man expedition to discover the practical requirements for overland travel.

Ensured relevant paperwork was completed, training (incl medical) was carried out, my Series III Land Rover was in order and the equipment suitably prepared.Once underway co-ordinated navigation, food purchase and preparation, vehicle maintenance, etc

Student, BSc Astrophysics, Sep 88 - July 91
University of Edinburgh, UK

Physics applied to astronomy, cosmology, stellar & galactic structures, etc. Wrote astronomy data-processing tools and a star-formation simulator in Pascal. Extra-curriculur courses in Ancient History (merit), Economic History (merit) and Computing. President of the Astronomical Society, Committee Member of the Historical Society, Astrophysics Class Rep elected to University Senate, Debates Society Science Rep.

At the university's Officer Training Corps, introduced to formal teamwork & leadership training, planning and ‘appreciation’, and training others in lectures and practical sessions.

'Private Practice Management System' Salesman & Developer, Jul 87 - Sep 88
Small Business Solutions, Nares Gladley Farm, Leighton Buzzard, UK

'PPMS' is an office-automation/information system for private medical consultants. This year between school and university I demoed the system to practices in Harley Street, trained staff in its use (many of whom had not used a computer before) and supported the users. Demos included stands at shows. The system was written in PowerBASIC on Intel PCs running DOS; I worked at rationalising the libraries (what today might be called 'refactoring') and adding some of the new features.